Updated on Oct 03, 2018

Photo credits

1. Machado de Castro National Museum, Coimbra, Portugal. Photo: DGPC.

2. Túcume Site Museum, Lima, Peru. Photo: Municipality of Lima.


Coordinating country: Spain
Technical Panel: Members of the Intergovernmental Council

Panorama of museums in Ibero-America

The Panorama of Ibero-American Museums is a study carried out in 2013 to gather fundamental data on the institutions that make up the sector. Special attention was paid to official agencies, resources and initiatives dedicated to the collection of information, as well as to the management of museums in the Ibero-American area. It is available for reading online.

This project would later directly develop the first line of action reflected in the IOM’s Constitution Document, i.e. the identification, categorization and systematization of the various information production initiatives related to the scope of museums for their subsequent comparative analysis.

The publication resulting from the study is an important tool for understanding the state of the segment, and, therefore, provides a basic element for the design of the projects and policies that best adapt to the implementation needs of Ibero-American museums.

Since 2017, a review of the contents of the publication was carried out to keep the essential data of the Panorama of museums in Ibero-America up-to-date and provide a summary of the reality of the sector in the region. Check out the updated info on Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain; Honduras; Mexico; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Portugal; Dominican Republic; Uruguay; Venezuela.

Due to the diversity of the political management systems of each country, IOM also seeks to map the second level of regional management in line with more autonomous state/province level administration, as in the case of Spain.

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