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Coordinating country: Spain
Technical Panel: Members of the Intergovernmental Council

Observatory of Ibero-American Museums

Since 2012, the OIM has been promoting research and improving the management of museum institutions and processes in the region.

It works on two fronts: driving synergies to promote the participation of member countries and developing initiatives for the production of reliable and up-to-date information, building knowledge in the museum sector in Ibero-America.

With a three-step methodology (prior diagnosis to understand the state of the issue, the definition of a common conceptual framework and development of knowledge tools), the OIM directed its first efforts to understand two fundamental aspects of the sector: the institutions of the region and its audiences.

The work resulted in the production of five major projects, generating publications, courses and the Register of Ibero-American Museums (RMI), a repository of data on the museological outlook of 17 countries. In the medium term, the plans for the RMI are to contemplate the more than nine thousand museums that make up the museological heritage of all 22 Ibero-American countries.

The Observatory of Ibero-American Museums relies on a Technical Panel featuring a representative and technical leader of 12 of the 13 member countries of the Ibermuseums Program. At the same time, a Consultative Council, composed of representatives of the Ibero-American countries that are not part of the Ibermuseums, also actively contributes to the execution of OIM projects.



Herramienta de autodiagnóstico de accesibilidad para museos

La herramienta, disponible en español y en portugués, pretende fomentar las buenas ...

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Repositorio COVID-19 de recomendaciones y protocolos para los museos iberoamericanos

Este recurso pretende ser de utilidad para divulgar el impacto que esta ...

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The Register of Ibero-American Museums

A platform created to facilitate access to information about more than 9,000 museums located in the 22 countries of Ibero-America. A source of collaboratively developed data for references and research.

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Studies of Ibero-American Museum Audiences

In 2014, a virtual working group with representatives from each Ibero-American country conducted research with different audiences to begin to understand the level of development of their museum networks.

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Museum Audience Data Collection System

The system responds to museums' need for tools to get to know its visitors. This project involves conducting public studies of Ibero-American museums as a first step towards establishing common methodologies and concepts.

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Panorama of museums in Ibero-America

The realities of the museum sector in the 22 countries of Ibero-America differ greatly. To get to know this diversity, the Ibero-American Observatory of Museums has thoroughly investigated the panorama of museums in the region.

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