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Updated on Oct 02, 2018


Coordinating country: Chile
Technical Panel: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain and Mexico


Promoting the protection and enhancement of the museum heritage of the Ibero-American region is one of the main focuses of Ibermuseums.

Since 2010, the Program has begun to develop a specific line of work designed to protect and safeguard at-risk museological heritage and guarantee the protection of museum collections in Ibero-American countries. This concept was fleshed out with the Ibermuseums Fund for Museological Heritage, an unprecedented initiative in the region, whose objective is to support the development of preventive actions in museums in the region, such as conducting diagnoses and intervention plans, technical assistance actions and specific intervention in emergency situations.

The issue of risk prevention has also been addressed in six publications carried out through this line of action, with emphasis on REORG and the Guide to Risk Management for Museological Heritage, both developed together with the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) and the Program for the Management of Risks to Brazilian Museum Heritage, the latter carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram).

With the support of specialists and representatives from six countries, this initiative also promotes specific training activities related to topics such as risk management and prevention, the safety of museums and collections and evaluation of museum collections. Courses and workshops have already been held in Brazil (2011), Spain (2011), Colombia (2012), Haiti (2014), Mexico City (2015) and Uruguay (2016) in 2016, through the Ibermuseums Training Grants.



Recomendación Ibermuseos para la protección del patrimonio museológico

Incidiendo en la necesidad de fortalecer las políticas vinculadas a la protección ...

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Ibermuseums Museological Heritage Fund

Aiming to expand access to any museum in the region, the Program implemented the Ibermuseums Museological Heritage Fund in 2015. This initiative supports assistance, relief and protection of museum heritage in museums in areas affected by floods, earthquakes, fires, war conflicts, human threats and other calamity situations.

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