Updated on Oct 02, 2018


Ibermuseums Program Technical Unit


Ibermuseums promotes exchange, information and dissemination mechanisms among museums, with the Curatorial action line as a specific platform for this purpose.

The main highlight of the action line is the Conversaciones (“Conversations”) project, which since 2010 has already stimulated 11 proposals to share and exchange exhibits and collections between 24 institutions from 8 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Peru, Portugal and the Netherlands – with a total US$ 100,000 invested.

In addition to effective collaboration between institutions, the public call for proposals promotes the recovery of community-based practices, the stimulation and promotion of inter-institutional dialog, coordination and cooperation between various social, cultural and economic actors in a specific geographic area, the leadership of young people and women, the research and dissemination of knowledge and the structuring and strengthening of networks.




Since 2010, the Conversaciones public call for proposals has been promoting the circulation of collections and exhibitions of countries participating in the program by supporting the development of itinerant bilateral or multilateral exhibitions in Ibero-America. Its purpose is to stimulate the circulation of collections, encouraging the development of projects, curation, and even production and circulation efforts among institutions in the region.

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The Feminine Memory. Ibero-American Heritage

An initiative to recover from oblivion the contribution of women to the genesis of our peoples, the transmission of their values, in their innumerable and not always known contributions.

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