Updated on Oct 02, 2018


Coordinating country: Mexico
Technical Panel: Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay and AECID

Training and Capacity Building

The implementation or transformation of public policies aimed at strengthening museums in the region necessarily involves the people who work in these institutions. Therefore, one of Ibermuseums’ most important contributions to the segment is to promote the training and capacity building of Ibero-American museum workers.

Ibermuseums seeks to expand its activities through the knowledge that reflects its lines of action, in addition to those identified in different studies on the sector carried out by the Training and Capacity Building and the IOM. The goal is to promote best practices in management, research, conservation, communication, mediation, engagement and other areas that help shape the institutional life of museums.

This effort makes it possible to carry out specific courses on priority subjects, focused on issues of general interest to museum professionals from all countries of the Ibero-American region and/or specific problems related to a particular group of countries. Also, this line of action fosters the mobility of technicians and professionals in the region through training grants, participation in training activities and the meetings in museums or similar institutions.

More than 300 technicians and professionals have benefited from Training and Capacity Building projects, attending Ibermuseums courses and workshops and through scholarships. As a result, more than eight hundred institutions have potentially benefited from the consequences of train-the-trainer actions undertaken by these participants.


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Conversatorios Ibermuseos: museos, cultura y patrimonio

Webinarios sobre el presente y futuro de las instituciones museales en tiempos ...

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Mini Cursos Ibermuseos de Capacitación

En atención a las necesidades más inminentes señaladas por los museos iberoamericanos ...

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Ibermuseums Training Grants

Annual public call for proposal dedicated to strengthening the skills and knowledge of museum workers through theoretical and practical training. These are scholarships that promote mobility by funding participation in courses, seminars, workshops, congresses and other academic activities in countries of the Ibero-American region.

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Ibermuseums Training Courses

Ibermuseums develops complementary learning experiences aimed at obtaining a certification of state-of-the-art knowledge in a specific field.

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