November de 2013


Based on information collected and systematized in different countries, the data in this publication covers each of the topics to facilitate a comparative analysis and obtain some global data and conclusions about the status of museums in Ibero-America.

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Panorama of Museums in Ibero-America

About this publication

The Panorama of Museums in Ibero-America presents a broad overview of the institutionalization of museum policies in all Ibero-American countries. This is the first global, updated real overview of the museum universe in our Ibero-American context. This provides a basic but fundamental first step in outlining the conceptual map of museums in today’s Ibero-American context.


The overview encompasses a presentation of basic data of the Panorama of Museums in Ibero-America, through the compilation and analysis of the resources and official initiatives that are dedicated to producing information related to museums and that are accessible online. The general objective is to present a first overview of the reality of museums in Ibero-America. This report presents the elementary data of the Panorama of museums in Latin America. In addition to this general objective, this compilation also addresses two of the objectives contained in the founding document of the Ibero-American Observatory of Museums and which were included in the planning for implementing the IOM: on the one hand, “to promote knowledge and understanding of Ibero-America’s museum diversity” and, on the other hand, “to elaborate diagnoses and define priority topics for research and evaluation based on common interests”.

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