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This publication presents a facsimile of the original texts of the Santiago Roundtable.

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Roundtable of Santiago of Chile, 1972 VOL 1

About this publication

The work that made this publication possible began in early 2012, upon the initiative of the President of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Ibermuseums Program, José do Nascimento Junior, who invited the president of the International Movement for New Museology (Minom), Paula Assunção, to act as researcher and organizer of a publication about the Santiago Roundtable.

Once the proposal was accepted, the researcher began her search for the existing files about the Santiago Roundtable. At the same time, the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums of Chile, under the coordination of the National Deputy Director of Museums, Alan Trampe, mobilized the available resources to gather all the original documents related to the 1972 event.

To help recover the history of the meeting, Hugues de Varine was contacted. He was the ICOM President at the time of the Roundtable and promptly agreed to assist. His invaluable testimony, recorded in a video that accompanies this publication, shows how the values and principles of the Declaration of the Roundtable of Santiago of Chile remain true in today’s museology.


The editorial project consists of two volumes. The graphic design was developed by Radiola design and publicity and reflects the richness and depth of the documentation produced for the Roundtable, as well as its more immediate repercussions. The first volume presents a facsimile of the original texts of the Roundtable, with the intention of presenting an archaeological diary of all the available information. The project was completed with translations into Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, giving the publication the scope that reflects the importance of this event for the world of museums.

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