Updated on Oct 03, 2018

Photo credits

1. Museum Workshop Ferrowhite, Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Photograph: Nicolás Testoni/Wikimedia.

2. National Museum of of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photograph: Halley Pacheco de Oliveira/Wikimedia.


Coordinating Country: Mexico
Technical Contribution: Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay and AECID (Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development)

Ibermuseums Training Courses

The focus of the Ibermuseums Program for training and capacity-building made it possible to hold many courses on priority issues for each country, region or sub-region, as well as cross-sectoral sessions focused on issues that are of general interest to museum professionals from all countries in the Ibero-American region. To date, we have offered courses on museum collection management, risk management and prevention, security for museums and collections, the evaluation of museum collections and illicit trafficking in cultural goods and public studies. These courses have been carried out jointly with the Ibero-American Observatory of Museums.

Recent Training Courses

Course: History and contemporary museum practices
Quito, Ecuador
Year: 2018
Total participants: 40

Course: Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property
San Jose, Costa Rica
Year: 2018
Total participants: 20

Course: Registration, inventory and cataloguing of collections
Lima, Peru
Year: 2017
Total participants: 24

Course: The current status and future challenges of studies on museum publics in Ibero-American museums
Madrid, Spain
Year: 2017
Total participants: 19

Course: Preventive conservation and risk management for Ibero-American museum heritage
Havana, Cuba
Year: 2016
Total participants: 16

Course: Museum Collection Management (2nd edition)
Montevideo, Uruguay
Year: 2016
Total participants: 18

Course: Museum Collection Management
Mexico City,
Year: 2015
Total participants: 17

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